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The 2OC Story

Vance and Nikki Barowsky, best friends that turned husband and wife, restarted the business of making candles in 2018. Vance owned a candle company several years ago but had to sell it as his day job moved him back to Idaho where he was born and raised.

The point of restarting Owyhee Candle Company was to provide happiness to our friends and families who often refer to us as Beavis and Butthead, peanut butter and jelly, Dumb and Dummer, or Bonnie and Clyde.  We decided we have had enough of boring candles with lame names so the challenge was on.  Not only do we make the best candle using an all natural soy blended wax, but we try to pair up these great scents with creative names. Which some come about after a couple of beers!

Yes we do think we are funny and have challenged each other to come up with the best names for our candles. #noboringcandles. 

Our candles and melts give our customers slower, cleaner burn time with a powerful scent throw. Free of paraffin that creates headaches for some because of the toxins emitted as they burn. 

We started Owyhee Candle not to become rich and famous but to create the best candle and melt you can buy, and we think we nailed it! We use the best soy blend (and most expensive), the finest fragrance we can find, we use natural wicks which are glued to the bottom to prevent them from floating, and time tested process to bring you happiness.

We look forward to meeting people at shows and to hear the giggles and conversation that some of our names create.

We sprinkle love over everything we make and hope they will bring happiness and world peace to all that enjoy them!

Sniff em, Burn em, and be Happy!

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